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Churches In England Are Being Converted To Bars [PHOTOS]


  • Churches In England Are Being Converted To Bars [PHOTOS]

    Finally! A reason to head back to church again! I think if they would have put bars in them in the first place, then we might not have had issues with the church from the start. More wine, more beer, less guilt.

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    • nijjhar
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      In Jesus, we have One Fold called Church of God headed by One Shepherd Christ Jesus. Jesus came to deliver us Gospel, the language of communication and praising our Father Elohim, ParBrahm, Allah, etc., Who lives in His Beautiful Temple, our physical body, made not by human hands but by the demiurge god of Nature, the greatest Artist called Yahweh, Brahma, Khuda, etc. And we worship our Father in truth and in spirit. That is why St. Peter killed two liars Ananias and Sapphira, who’s Temples were not built on the solid rock of truth but over the sand of lies that fell down on testing. Temple of God is always built on the solid rock of truth for the person to stand in Public to proclaim Gospel in the holy spirit, “common sense” whilst the Temple of Satan is built on sand of lies that proclaims hypocrisies of Mammon. That is why St. Peter used to deliver the First Sermon establishing the rock followed by the Apostles who then advised them how to Preach Gospel to glorify our Father in honour of our Anointed Elder Brother Christ Jesus.

      Thus, in Jesus, we are solitary Virgin Brides of our Bridegroom Christ Jesus and our Father is within us, Emmanuel, so far we worship Him in truth and in spirit. With these criteria in our minds, let us vet in spirit this Church of England headed by Queen, the head of Mammon:-

      1. The head of the Church of England is Queen, who is the head of Mammon in Great Britain whereas Jesus or His Virgin Brides, the Apostles were not hirelings at all.

      2. She is the defender of faith in Mammon and her employees, the Bishops sit in the House of Lords to see that her will is enforced by the Priests of her Church of Mammon. Newly appointed Arch Bishop Justin Welby, a Banker has in mind to multiply Mammon and not Gospel Treasures of God.

      3. Archbishops and their Priests are hireling Dog-Collared Priests who are employed in the manner of the uniformed police men. They retire and get pensions from Mammon. Royal Priests give to the Church of God and not take out as the Priests in Moses were doing - just the opposite.

      4. Priests are employed to deliver sugar-coated sermons of falsehoods such as the soldiers who died in the defence or expansion of the Empire are proclaimed that they glorified God, our loving and merciful Father.

      5. Big Cathedrals like the St. Paul’s in London are built by the “Blood money” to honour the soldiers of Mammon whilst the men of God like our Brother William Booth is nowhere to be seen because he didn’t belong to this Fold of Mammon.

      6. No wonder hireling Church of England Priests is so proud and arrogant than the humble serving Church of Salvation Army Soldiers of Christ Jesus who died in the world wars for King and Country. Salvation Army Officers who act as Ministers of Religion are paid very low salaries for their upkeep and they are more devoted to serving God than Mammon.

      7. Ideally, service to God is to be totally on volunteer basis till the person dies. Royal Priests being greater than the Priests, they form Fellowships.

      8. Samaritan man who picked up the wounded person and looked after him on philanthropic basis is the ideal way to serve God.

      9. So, the nearest to God is the Salvation Army whilst to Mammon or Satan is the Church of England.

      10. In Jesus, we are Royal Priests who enjoy Fellowship that ponder over His Word, Gospel and how to serve people honestly. Jesus got rid of these neo-Rabbis in which Matt. 12v43-45 has been fulfilled. And in Matt. 13v24-30 is Atomic War predicted on 14 May 2023.

      If you have any suggestions, please let me know. Do you believe that the Gnostics are heretics?

      Yours in Christ Jesus and his second coming Christ Nanak (1469),

      Brother Rajinder Nijjhar, M.Sc.,

      Retired Lecturer in Metallurgy.
      Son of the highest Elohim, Allah, Parbrahm, the Christ.
      Over 5800 Youtube Videos; channel nijjhar1.


      Preview YouTube video Church of England headed by Queen is just opposite to Church of God headed by penniless Christ Jesus - 1.
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