Dealing with lots of engagements compounded with school work makes the student life difficult and frustrating. These pressures of lots of school work to deal with and other activities such as work-study programs leave most students overwhelmed and stressed out. Luckily, these circumstances of having limited time to deal with one's assignments can be addressed by having assignments to be completed by professional writers.
Most students also choose to have their work done by custom essay writing services when they lack the requisite knowledge to handle the work. For instance, a student facing difficulties dealing with marketing assignments is much better off having a marketing assignment writing service handle their assignments. All the student needs to do is place an order with concise instructions on how they would like the writers to handle the work. After placing an order with comprehensive instructions, the student can be assured of getting high-quality work submitted before the work's deadline.
Conversely, if a student opts to handle their assignments by themselves, it is absolutely necessary to learn a few critical tips on how to deal with stressful amounts of writing assignments. One of the most effective tips for handling lots of assignments is by applying the Pareto Principle in writing.
In its most basic sense, the principle proposes that there are a few critical inputs that have a massive influence on the general output of the system. The principle takes into account the basics of the 80-20 form of analysis commonly applied in management and other fields of study. The Principle's premise suggests that, for every situation, the few critical inputs that affect the output of the system should be given more attention. On the contrary, the numerous unimportant inputs can be ignored since they are relatively inconsequential.
Applying this rule in writing, it is corresponding to the fact that the student can actually ignore the grammatical errors committed while writing and focus more on the structural errors committed when writing. Students commit innumerable mistakes when writing. Most of these mistakes are inextricably complex and involve a quirky mix of both grammatical and structural errors.
Of the two types of errors, the structural errors have more impact on the coherence and cogency of the texts. The grammatical errors, on the other hand, are many but their impact on the cogency of the written work is minimal. Therefore, correcting the grammatical errors will need the student to spend a lot of time but the resultant texts will still be flawed and incoherent. It goes without mentioning that, a student can overlook the grammatical errors in their work and still have coherent work.
The coherence, however, cannot be achieved without correcting the structural errors in the work. Correcting the structural errors holds a significant impact on the work's flow and correctness. By fixing the structural issues only, the student would have fixed eighty percent of the issues in the work without going through the stress of correcting all the innumerable grammatical mistakes. This rule can help the student save time in writing and thus making more time for dealing with more work.

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